People and values that inspire the project

Highlighting the natural, cultural and gastronomical heritage of the Costa Brava


Respect, awareness and proactive attitude towards environmental issues


Social return of benefits into the local communities


Synergy with collaborators committed to these principles




Sotelo Fernández

Political scientist and university specialist in local economic development.


Biologist and scientific illustrator.
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Vila Lorenzo

Certified PADI scuba diving instructor and marine biologist.


In addition to the diving centers and restaurants, this project is possible thanks to:

Mother BCN

“For more than 2 years, at Mother we prepare craft cold-pressed juices, snacks and natural and healthy food. For us, Mother means healthy and delicious food at the same time. At Mother we take care of you just like your mom would.” — Gemma and Lili  + info


Blue Compass Philosophy

All of our Blue Compass activities revolve around highlighting and promoting the natural, cultural and gastronomic heritage of the Catalonian Costa Brava. With that in mind, our company has set a series of short and long-term goals:

Short term:
— small tour group management.
— use of ecofriendly materials and gears.
— cooperation with companies and organizations who set examples of environmental respect and preservation in their own sectors. As part of this goal, our partners obtain their raw materials from local and organically produced sources.
— emphasis on environmental awareness, stressing marine environmental preservation and engaging users in related activities and actions.

Medium and long term:
— increasingly lower our company’s environmental impact status to a minimum level, for instance using electric vehicles for our journeys.
— organize educational seminars and sessions regarding awareness of the environmental issue.
— development of a social impact strategy that generates a social return from our company’s profits (for instance organizing activities for underprivileged groups).

Working towards these goals, our activities match the principles of ecotourism in several ways:
— our company minimizes environmental impact by working with small groups, ecofriendly materials and using a clear waste management policy (all of the tangible products that we offer, are presented in 100% reusable or recyclable packaging, stressing the reduction in plastic material use).
— respect for environment and culture are absolutely central elements in our philosophy. As part of our activities, we offer information and try to educate our users in respect and awareness of the environment.
— Blue Compass’s main goal is to provide our users with positive and rewarding experiences, and to achieve that we try to involve our partners and participating local agents as much as possible, generating a synergic process that benefits everyone involved.
— Blue Compass will donate a share of our income to organizations aimed at preserving the natural and marine environment, and will start up its own initiatives; for instance organizing beach cleanups, as well as awareness and training seminars about environmental topics.
— all of our activities are performed in partnership with different local agents. In this sense, we see Blue Compass as somewhat of a catalyst in a process of local economic development: our task is focused on bringing together all of the resources available in the region and generating positive experiences for the users, which turns into direct income for the local actors with whom we work, including: diving centers, restaurants (all of which obtain their products from local producers, reinforcing the local productive network; the same approach also applies to our cold-pressed juices and snacks supplier), or cultural destinations (favoring the support and development of small villages like Peratallada, where we take our users so they can discover and enjoy the cultural richness of these beautiful locations which are not well-known in the traditional touristic circuit).
— we offer our users social and environmental information about the places we take them. At the same time, constant contact with local agents allows users to experience first hand the reality of the destinations that they visit.
— we place strong importance on our partners having a low environmental impact, and we believe that they all meet our environmental standards when performing their different activities.

We want to share our passion for sea and nature with people from all over the world.


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