Discover the Costa Brava

An iconic village whose character has been forged by its remote geographic location and its bond with fishing and agriculture. Visit the old town with its medieval charm and get lost walking through the rambling streets, over the unique ancient pavement, called rastell.
Dive in the Cap de Creus Natural Park area to explore this spectacular coast, full of marine life.
Enjoy its gastronomy, marked by the intense, and almost wild, taste of fish, seafood, and olive oil.
Discover this cosmopolitan corner of Catalonia that has drawn so many avant-garde artists throughout the 20th century: Dalí, Picasso, Lorca, Duchamp, Ernst, Magritte…


Diving center  + info

“With 20 years of background, our diving center is known for offering customers a quality diving experience, always tailored to our diver’s skill, abilities and requests. Safety is our mark. Our customers get individualized attention, always accompanied by our guide instructors, so they can make the most of the diving site thanks to our staff’s professionalism.

Families, couples or beginners feel really embraced and supported. Whether on Spanish, Catalan, French, English or Italian, communication is not a barrier.” — Jordi Riera, Lluis Lunar, Romy Borrat, Jordi Pinós and Judit Nova




Closed on Mondays

Minimum 2 persons

Food intolerances, vegetarians/vegans

“Our restaurant, since April 2012, enriches the ‘pica-pica’ concept (Spanish tapas) by presenting shared dishes at the center of the table, creating a surprising and uninhibited atmosphere among the dinner guests.

The result of a markedly modern style, combined with traditional approaches, our premises and the attention provided by the Compartir team, allows us to impart our philosophy: to seek the supreme satisfaction of our guests in all senses.” — Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro and Eduard Xatruch


Can Rafa


Closes on Wednesdays

“Our bond with restoration and wine-making goes a long way back: on one side, the Faixó family, always devoted to fishing, agriculture (grapes and olives), and hospitality at Bar Melitón; on the other side, the Martín family, leading figures in Cadaqués gastronomy with Casa Anita.

In 1981, we opened Can Rafa on the Cadaqués promenade and, since then, we have offered cuisine based on fresh fish from Cap de Creus, alongside homemade desserts and homegrown wine.” — Carmen Faixó y Rafa Martín


Es Grec


Food intolerances, vegetarians/vegans

“The Kontos arrived 100 years ago to Cadaqués and became a paradigm of the Mediterranean culture in the community. They were classic diving-suit divers, engaged in sponge fishing in their homeland of Greece and, after a long voyage, in coral fishing in Cadaqués.

The latest adventure began 7 years ago by opening a small restaurant in the family premises where red coral was previously stored and treated. Specialized in the sea and always using the freshest products, we pay tribute to our beloved Greece in many of our dishes which are not so unlike the cuisine of the most Hellenic place in the western Mediterranean: Cadaqués.” — Kostas Kontos


Casa Dalí

Salvador Dalí’s House – Portlligat was Dalí’s only permanent residence, where he lived and worked until his wife Gala’s death in 1982.

From a small fishermen shack, where he settled in 1930, Dalí developed what he defined as “a real biological structure […]. Each new pulse in our life has its own new cell, its room”. The result is a maze that starting with the Bear Lobby, connects spaces that now host many of Dalí’s works, objects, and memories.

Today, the house is divided in three areas: the private rooms, the creative workshop, and the outdoor spaces for socializing.


Sant Pere de Rodes

The Monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes is located at the Rodes Mountain Range, at 520 meters over sea level, showing a stunning view of Port de la Selva bay and a large part of the Cap de Creus massif.

The first references of its existence go back to the year 878. Between the 11th and 12th centuries the monastery was developed to reach its final configuration, even though it has been further reformed many times through out history. It was abandoned in 1835 due to constant pillaging and the Spanish seizure.

The monastery and its surroundings are the perfect setting for many legends which have emerged from the ruins and their mysterious origin, further fuelled by the oral tradition of the area. Several of these myths have been gathered in the book “La Cabra de Oro”, published by the Port de la Selva City Council.


Celler Martín Faixó

The Celler Martín Faixó is a project that began in 2000, by replanting grape vines in the Cap de Creus Natural Park. The winery is located within the domains of Perafita, a 14th century masia, on the summit of Cadaqués, at 300 meters above sea level. It includes 11 hectares of vineyard on top of a slate soil, surrounded by the sea and tramontana wind, which adds the Empordà character to every glass of wine produced. As one of the few wineries within this protected environment, it practices organic agriculture and produces 40.000 bottles annually.


A town located on the Montgrí coast, full of cliffs, small inlets and caves. The stunning massif of Montgrí stands out in this special landscape.

The Natural Park of Montgrí, Illes Medes y Baix Ter constitutes one of the most important flora and fauna marine reserves in the western Mediterranean, as well as one of the most valued destinations for scuba diving lovers.

Its gastronomy based on local producers and products, results in a homemade, creative, and varied cuisine.

As a counterpoint, the visit to Peratallada takes us back to a medieval time, with its ancient monuments, stone pavement and narrow streets, embellished with sinuous creeping vines.

Xaloc Dive

Diving center  + info

“Xaloc Dive came to life in 1996, out of our passion for diving. For more than 20 years, Ramón has trained more than 400 instructors and he is now the most senior active Course Director in Spain.

All this experience is condensed in our philosophy, based on quality rather than quantity: we avoid overcrowded spots, choose the best areas at each moment and adapt to the level of our divers, who we expect to arrive as customers and leave as friends.” — Ramón Siliceo and Mercè Canyet


Es Portal


Closed on Mondays

Menu only available for entire table

Food intolerances, vegetarians/vegans

“After training at restaurants all over Catalonia, Basque Country and the ‘Aula de Gastronomía del Empordà’, since 2013 I have put all my passion and experience in Es Portal Hotel Gastronómico.

We have renovated this 16th century ‘masía’ in order to provide a cuisine based on local products, treated with humbleness and care, and updating the ‘ampurdanes’ tradition with the right amount of creativity. We specialize in wine-pairing rice from Pals and fish from the Costa Brava with the finest wines from Empordà and other exceptional wine-making areas.” — Joan Carles Sánchez


Les Corones


Closed on Tuesdays

Minimum 2 persons

“At Les Corones we specialize in fresh fish, grilled in the style of the Basque Country, where I learned the technique, but with an added personal touch.

First, we show the whole fish at the table and then cook it over a hand-crafted grill manufactured in the Basque Country, resulting in spectacular taste, texture and quality. If you try it once, you will want to relive the experience.” — Pere Miquel Carreras



The village of Peratallada, declared a community of historical, artistic, and cultural heritage of national interest (BCIN) from 1975, has well preserved its medieval character, particularly its early constructions and architectural origins. The fortified castle (1065), the walls, the Sant Esteve church and the great moat surrounding the village, excavated into the bare rock, all stand out and give the village its feudal appearance.

The village takes its name, “Petra Scissa” or “Petra Tallada”, from the materials and methods used to construct its iconic buildings: the stone (Petra) has been sculpted (Tallada) in order to be architecturally used. The rambling streets, covered in lush creeping vines, preserve its original design. Furthermore, in some areas, the pavement remains the same that people walked over five centuries ago.

The authenticity and the unaltered beauty of this landscape, and a view into a typical medieval village, are the raison d’être of Peratallada.


Ancient fishing village, charged with history. This astonishing coastal site has integrated its Roman and medieval origins with natural surroundings defined by pristine beaches with turquoise water and greenish cliffs.

A plunge into Tossa bay is a truly captivating experience, particularly as its optimal environmental conditions allow us to dive and enjoy its multi-colored biodiversity, throughout the whole year.

Gastronomy in Tossa perfectly fuses fish with vegetables, legumes, and meat, providing its special character through sautés and mashes, so typical of the village.

The Vila Vella gives the opportunity to walk along the narrow alleys of the only medieval fortified settlement remaining on the Costa Brava.

Raya’s Diving

Diving center  + info

“We have more than 14 years of experience putting into practice our passion for scuba diving. We carry out immersions that will let you enjoy the excellent environmental conditions and the great marine diversity of the Tossa coast.

Our background allows us to train different types of divers, from those who want to begin in the hobby of discovering the astonishing underwater world, to the highest-level instructors in recreational diving. Furthermore, we offer specialized training in technical diving.” — Paco Raya


Can Sophia


Closed on Mondays

Food intolerances, vegetarians/vegans

“Gastonomic Hotels are an appealing discovery for those customers that are willing to enjoy the greatest pleasures in life: to eat and to sleep well.

Being part of one of these little treasures, at Can Sophia restaurant we work with seasonal menus in order to make the most of what the earth and sea provide.

Such high-quality food must be accompanied by the finest and most special wines from some of the renowned P.D.O. of Catalonia.” — Josep Pagès


Photos: Anaïs Gordils.

La Placeta


Menu 2 is minimum for 2 persons

Food intolerances, vegetarians/vegans

“Since June 2015, we have offered a cuisine with fresh and top quality products. Our menu is varied and you will find typical dishes, paellas, ‘suquets’, seafood and fresh fish, Girona P.D.O. charcoal grilled meats, different menus and homemade desserts. Our wine list is also very extensive and includes a variety of ‘denominaciones de origen’. All of that in a unique atmosphere, within the walled quarter of Tossa de Mar.” — Equipo de La Placeta


Villa Vella de Tossa

The walled quarter of Vila Vella, declared a national historic-artistic monument in 1931, is the town’s symbol. It is the only medieval fortified settlement remaining on the Catalonian coast. Built in the early 13th century, the vast majority of the original perimeter wall, that protected the old town against pirate attacks, is preserved.

Inside is a charming area of narrow alleys paved with pebbles, which in all its former glory (15th century), harbored around eighty houses. Along the walk over the walls you will meet their most famous visitor: Ava Gardner.

Located in the highest part of the Vila Vella, we find the Lighthouse of Tossa. Inaugurated in 1917, it represents the “path of light” between Calella and Palamós. From here you will be able to clear your mind, contemplating the vast horizon across the Tossa bay.


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